History & Architecture of Los Angeles

This tour focuses on where dramatic events and construction shaped a sandy river basin into a sprawling international metropolis. Start where L.A. took root as a tiny pueblo in the middle of nowhere (now Olvera Street), then expanded to fill nearly 500 square miles of plains, mountains, valleys, and shores with almost 4 million people.

Walk in the final footsteps of prehistoric mastodons, mammoths, and saber tooth cats along the edge of gooey pools of natural asphalt where, over the past 38,000 years, uncountable numbers of animals, including one human girl, met their fates. Visit some of the best-preserved and architecturally important buildings constructed in this and the previous two centuries. Learn the differences between artistic styles such as Art Deco (Art Moderne), Beaux Arts, Romanesque, International, and Postmodernism.

Travel the western end of famous Route 66 that ran from Chicago to L.A. and terminated just short of the Pacific coast. Appraise magnificent concert halls, theatres, churches, temples, museums, hotels, and edifices of government and higher education. See how the Broadway Theatre Row of the 1930's has morphed into a bustling Latino shopping district for a new era, and how the exclusive Victorian style Bunker Hill residences of the late 1800's and early 1900's made way for today's skyscraping monuments to finance and big business.

Glimpse some of the glitz of Hollywood and the extravagant lifestyle of Beverly Hills (both covered in more detail on our sister Hollywood Tour). You will finish your day with a wider perspective and deeper appreciation for the tiny little settlement once known by a very big name befitting its destiny, El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciúncula.

Tour Duration: 7 часов.

Pickup and drop off at any location of your choice in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Price Per Group: 1-3 people - $400; 4 people - $430.

Please call us at 1-213-995-6100 or email us at worldtoursusa@gmail.com to discuss all available options.

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