The tour, that I took to National Parks in November, 2015, was so fabulous!. Alena was a wonderful tour guide and had made a very big effort and had very good knowledge of the areas so I was very pleased she showed me around. Alena has even sent me many many photos via email too! Alena ensured all my needs were met, even making a big effort to organize my coffee stops at Starbucks!

I got to visit all the places I was hoping to see, so thank you very much Marina for organizing all of this. You did a wonderful job ensuring my highlights for the tour were all included and selecting Alena as the tour guide. My highlights were Bryce Canyon, Horseshoe Bends and Upper Antelope Canyon.

I will have very fond memories of this trip and highly respect your World Tours company.

Los Angeles tour - Hollywood.

As a native Los Angelino and someone who'd studied film Gary brings that knowledge and enthusiasm about the city and its history to his tours of Los Angeles. We found the tours not only extremely interesting from the historical standpoint but also extremely entertaining and it was wonderful to recognize a lot of the places where many of the movies were filmed when Gary so skillfully described the movie scenes.

Kris Thompson, Detroit April 29, 2011

Los Angeles tour - Architecture.

As someone who's very interested in architecture and thinks architecture is what gives the city its character, I was extremely impressed by all architectural gems I was able to see on this tour. Some I'd known about but didn't know the history of, others I'd passed by but never paid attention to, yet others I didn't even know existed. It's amazing how a knowledgeable and extremely personable tour guide like Gary is able to wisk you away on an architectural journey through time even in your own city. Looking forward to uncovering more gems with World Tours.


I really enjoyed our tour up the PCH to Big Sur, Carmel and Monterey. Gary showed us such beautiful sights that makes you realize that what you have in your backyard can rival in beauty with greenery and cliffs of Ireland and the German countryside. I found the tour guide extremely attentive to what we wanted to see and also very well versed not only in the specifics of the tour but any related questions we wanted to ask.

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