Russian Hollywood

Only World Tours offers this day-long excursion illuminating the paths taken by renowned Russian celebrities who helped shape and enrich Hollywood from its very beginning to the present day.

On this tour you will learn how and see where Russian creative forces and personalities influenced movies at every level of production and behind the scenes by following the careers of such notable personages as the brilliant and inimitable Alla Nazimova, who worshiped the silent film star Rudolph Valentino and was romantically involved with at least one of his two wives.

Get acquainted with Fyodor Chaliapin, Anna Pavlova, and Sergei Prokofiev, who gave concerts to the Hollywood elite. Meet the aristocratic Mary Uspenskaya and courageous Akim Tamirov, who grew up in the famous Russian theater scene, along with Michael Chekhov who brought his unique way of teaching acting to America and influenced such renowned actors as Yul Brynner, Clint Eastwood, and Marilyn Monroe.

Go deep into many lives, characters, plots, conflicts, and intrigue through rare photos, film stills, excerpts from American adaptations of Russian classics, Hollywood films about Russia, and biographical insights into the brightest Russian stars of American cinema. Your day with us will be truly memorable.

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