Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Here you will see a fundamental contrast between the ancient and the modern, making Oahu most enjoyable to visit.

Grand Circle Island Tour

There are many interesting places on the island of Oahu. You will see the picturesque panorama of Honolulu from Mt Tantalus, visit the volcanic crater near Diamond Head, and view luxury homes in the area of Kahala near beautiful Hanauma Bay, with its wonderful beach and coral reef, nestled inside an ancient crater. Witness the ocean beach geyser called Halona, which means "Eternity." Enjoy a swim in the ocean and relax on tranquil Waimanalo beach, where you'll lunch of famous Hawaiian cuisine. Visit the Buddhist Temple Byodo in the valley of the temple. Try fresh fruit, exotic Hawaiian coffee, and real macadamia nuts. You will visit the Mormon Temple, vast plantations of pineapple and other tropical fruit trees and plants, and walk the famous North Shore beaches where world-famous professional surfing competitions are held.

Tour Duration: 8 часов.

Price of Tour: 1-3 people - $450; 4 people - $480.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Here you will experience the rich cultures of seven Polynesian Peoples: Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Marquesas, and Samoa. Unique performances and fire dances by natives in national costumes, playing musical instruments, will amaze old and young alike. Hospitable and friendly Polynesians will help you discover the secrets of their various civilizations - how to light a fire without matches, open a coconut with one blow, climb a palm tree, and dance the hula. You'll ride in a canoe and watch a movie in the huge I-MAX theater. You will have a buffet dinner, with a wide selection of Hawaiian and European dishes. It will be an unforgettable afternoon and evening of exciting Polynesian entertainment.

Tour lasts: from 1:00 - 10:00 pm.

Tickets from $115 per person.

Pearl Harbor & Honolulu City Tour

At Pearl Harbor, the famous naval base where the United States involvement in World War II began, your tour starts by boat at the USS Arizona Memorial - a sacred place for all Americans. Then travel around the center of Honolulu, Iolani Palace - the only royal palace in the United States, a monument to King Kamehameha and Queen Liliuokalani, the Senate and the residence of the governor. Then experience Chinatown and the National Memorial in the Punchbowl volcano crater.

Tour Duration: 4-5 hours.

Price of Tour: 1-3 people - $250, 4 people - $280.

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